Carol ReynoldsThe commission begins with a discussion to consider how the subject should be expressed. I like to create situations involving the subject in natural gesture and setting.

Questions to consider:

  • What medium do you prefer? Oil on canvas, Pastel or Conte
  • Who is the painting subject? Multiple subjects?
  • What overall painting size and orientation would be best?
  • What figure size – Full, three quarter, half, or head and shoulders?
  • Formal or informal?
  • Where will the portrait hang?
  • Is there a setting or activity that is meaningful. A treasured item to be included?

Based on this consultation, an estimate and schedule are proposed. A Convenient time is decided upon to photograph the subject(s) or review existing photographs. I take my own reference photographs and prefer to meet my subjects in person. But I will make exception and use existing photographs when distance is a restraint or the portrait is intended as a surprise.

After a pose is selected from the reference photos and the client accepts the final choice, a 50% deposit is required to begin the commission. The medium, size and complexity of the portrait will determine the amount of time to complete the artwork.

The final payment is due upon completion of the portrait.

Figurative Price List

Oil on Canvas Head & Shoulders $1,500, unframed
Oil on Canvas Half Figure $3,000, unframed
Oil on Canvas Full Figure $4,000, unframed
Each additional figure or image $250
Pastel Head & Shoulders $500, matted
Pastel Half Figure $800, matted
Pastel Full Figure $1,000, matted
Each additional figure or image $250
Conte Head & Shoulders $250, matted
Conte Half Figure $400, matted
Conte Full Figure $500, matted
Each additional figure or image $125

These prices are approximate and are only guidelines – ­more complex details or backgrounds are more labor intensive. Shipping and handling is not included.

Portraits are not limited to people. I also do animal and architectural portraits and they can be priced upon request.

Please use the form below to contact Carol about Portrait Commissions.